Keeping Faith

We’re Here Now. That’s What I Put Faith In

August 13, 2020

This week, we’re gleaning wisdom from generations that have come before us, as I talk to Rev. Lynn Harrison.


After years of frustration with her music career, Lynn took a step back. She became a Unitarian Universalist minister at First Unitarian Toronto, figuring her music would fade into the background.


But as she’s learned throughout her life, it’s in our moments of doubt that we learn we’re on the right path.


Lynn and I talk about the deep listening she’s done to figure out her calling. She shares the importance of reveling in life’s ups and downs and that being present to it all is where we find growth.


And she reminds us that spirituality is personal and a reflection where you are at this moment in life.


Because how do you take a step forward, when you’re unsure what comes next?


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