Keeping Faith

We’re All Deeply Spiritual

August 20, 2020

For our last episode of this season, we’re doing something a little different. I’m sliding into the guest seat to talk about my personal journey with faith, hope and how exploring spirituality has changed my life.


And who better to hop into the interview chair than our Episode 8 guest, my husband, Dave Photiadis.


Together we talk about my search for a faith tradition that reflects all of who I am. I share my love of sacred spaces as places to feel big feelings and ask life’s big questions.


And I reflect on the origin story of this podcast and my faith in millennials as a resilient, creative, spiritual generation with the capacity to change the world.


And we’re giving you our whole unedited conversation. Expect for a few, you know, ums and awws.


Because how do you stay optimistic about the future, when you feel jaded by the fate of the world?


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