Keeping Faith

Trailer: The Person Sitting Next To You

October 14, 2020

The world's an uncertain place right now. It's true. 


And when times get tough, we begin to look for something - anything - to help us hang onto hope. 


In the past, that's meant turning to religious communities and spiritual teachers to help us interpret the signs and show us the way forward. 


And that can be very comforting. 


But what if that doesn't work for you anymore? Or what if that never worked for you at all? 


Who do you look to, to help you stay optimistic about the future, when you feel jaded by the fate world? 


Well, what if it turns out you didn't have to look very far at all? 


What if you could find support in the stories of people just like you - asking the same questions, working through the same challenges and still moving forward when times get tough?


What if your greatest spiritual teacher was the person sitting next to you? 


All you had to do was ask them their story. 


Well, that's exactly what we're doing on Season 2 of Keeping Faith! 


Join us starting Thursday, Oct 15 for ten new episodes about faith, hope and what - from God to Google - you put your trust in, in this uncertain world. 


Find us at or on Facebook & Instagram @keepingfaithpod. And subscribe to Keeping Faith wherever you listen!

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