Keeping Faith

Part Of A Legacy

November 26, 2020

Danielle Webber grew up struggling to explain her Unitarian Universalist faith to her friends. 


Because while she went to church on weekends and attended Sunday school, services began with the lighting of a chalice and included Buddhist meditations and modern poetry more frequently than stories about Jesus. 


So as an adult, when she began looking for a career to bring together all of who she is, she saw it as an opportunity dig deeper into the 
complex faith she's held dear all her life - going to seminary to become a Unitarian minister.


Reverend Danielle and I talk about her life as a 3rd generation Unitarian Universalist. And how this family legacy has deeply shaped her life. 


She describes the evolution of her beliefs from the time she was a kid to being a minister now. And how at the core of it all, remains a deep trust in every person's capacity for good. 


And she talks about how we're all inherently spiritual and that being part of a spiritual community - whatever form that takes - helps you live into your values in a way you can't do alone. 


Because how do you carry forward the legacy of your past?


This is her story. 


Find Rev. Danielle's Morning Writing Practice in our Spiritual Practice Library at Hear more about her story and share your thoughts with us @keepingfaithpod on Instagram & Facebook.

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