Keeping Faith

Listening In The Chaos

October 29, 2020

When Jessica Rose left for L.A. two years ago to pursue her acting dreams, all signs pointed to it being a life-changing move. 


Turns out it was, but not in the way she expected.

Soon after arriving, Jessica's life fell apart and she found herself alone - with no job, nowhere to live and no one to lean on.

But instead of running from the chaos, Jessica decided to sit in the middle of it. To dig deep and ask what it had to teach her. And that turned out to be the most life-changing move of all.

Jessica and I talk about how this journey brought her out of her head and back to her heart. And to trust the wisdom she found there. She reflects on the events of her life as a trail of breadcrumbs from the universe, leading her to find strength she never knew she had.

And she talks about how being completely alone led her to find the community she always craved.

Because how do you start picking up the pieces, when everything's fallen apart?


This is her story. 


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