Keeping Faith

Holiday Special: Light In The Darkness

December 17, 2020

For the last episode of our season, we're bringing you some light in the darkness of a challenging year on this Keeping Faith Holiday Special. 


We're catching up with Kate Werneburg, Luke LaRocque and Dave Photiadis from episodes past to hear what's bringing them joy, connection and yes, even faith in this holiday season like no other. 


Together Kate, Luke & Dave reflect on memories of holidays growing up. The traditions that meant to the most to them. And how they're updating them to resonate with their lives now.


They share the need for us to lean into peacemaking as we connect with family & friends. And that taking care of yourself is a key part of being able to do that work. 


And they share the practices they use to help them stay spiritually connected this time of year. And offer blessings for each of us this holiday season.  


Because yes, it's still possible to find meaning, even if this season looks different.


Thanks for being part of Season 2! We'll be back in the new year with more info on what's coming up next for Keeping Faith.


In the meantime, you can catch up on episodes and find spiritual practices to help support you through the holidays at And share your thoughts with us on this episode or season via email at Or find us @keepingfaithpod on Instagram & Facebook.

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