Keeping Faith

Finding My Ground

November 19, 2020

Alkarim Versi grew up loving urban life in Nairobi, Kenya.


But it wasn't until he ventured outside the city and into the natural world, that the deepest parts of him truly came to life. 


And since then, he's learned to lean on this connection to nature to help him find his ground, no matter where he finds his feet.


Alkarim and I talk about the multicultural history of Kenya. And the effects colonialism's had on faith communities and the role they play in people's lives.


He recounts the solo camping trip that first brought him into deep connection with nature. And how it's become the place he returns to again and again, for healing and strength.


And he shares his thoughts on how you too can get outside and connect with nature. Even if you're afraid to take the first step.


Because how do you find your ground, no matter where you are?


This is his story. 


Try out Alkarim's Walking Barefoot Practice in our Spiritual Practice Library at Learn more about his story and share your thoughts on this episode @keepingfaithpod on Instagram & Facebook.

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