Keeping Faith

Defying Labels

December 3, 2020

Growing up with a scientist father in one of Toronto's most culturally diverse neighbourhoods, Luke LaRocque's life looked different than what you'd expect of a "traditional" Christian upbringing. 


So it wasn't a surprise when in college he began to question whether the term "Christian" even fit him at all. 


But after years of searching, he came to realize that what really mattered was whether that faith felt true to him - regardless of if he fit the label perfectly. 


Luke and I talk about his belief that faith is inherently political. And at the same time, struggles with seeing his faith used for political gain. 


He shares his challenge with the term "evangelical." And the deep need he sees for us to have conversations across our divides. 


And as he leaves a job he loves, he reflects on his deep belief that what we're here to do in the world is so much more than our job titles. 


Because how do you find belonging, when you feel like you don't fit in?


This is his story. 


*Heads up! There are a few technical issues with this episode. But it's a really good one. So bear with them, and you won't be disappointed!


Try out Luke's Praying With Technology Practice in our Spiritual Practice Library at Find out more about his story and join the conversation @keepingfaithpod on Instagram & Facebook. 

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