Keeping Faith

A Hundred Percent Of More Than One Thing

November 12, 2020

Talia Chernow grew up between worlds - being raised Jewish by her father and attending Unitarian Universalist services and Pagan rituals with her mother. 


So by the time she reached her coming-of-age in both the Jewish and Unitarian traditions, she'd come to see herself as a mix of it all - as a Jew-Una-Pag-atarian.


And now, it doesn't surprise her she's added one more tradition to the mix - as she shares her life with an atheist, raised Muslim.


Talia and I talk about how she makes all these diverse - and sometimes opposing - traditions fit. 


She shares her struggle to claim her place as a full member of any one of them. And to be seen by others that way too.


And she reflects on how wrestling with all of this has taught her faith is something she defines for herself. And that it's possible to be 100% of more than one thing too. 


Because how do you make sense of everything you are?


This is her story. 


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