Keeping Faith
It’s About Shared Values Over Shared Beliefs

It’s About Shared Values Over Shared Beliefs

June 18, 2020

When Jen Loughran told her Protestant husband she wanted to raise their future kids Catholic, she knew there’d be conflict.


But what she worried might draw them apart, brought them closer together.


Jen talks about navigating spiritual difference and her faith in shared values over shared beliefs. And about her search for a spiritual community that bridges the faith she was raised in and the beliefs she holds now.


And she reflects on how growing faith in uncertainty has helped ease her struggle with anxiety.


Because how do you navigate life, when you have more questions than answers?


Find Jen's spiritual practice in our Spiritual Practice Library and dive deeper into this episode's topics on our Blog at


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Special Message

Special Message

June 17, 2020

Eight months ago, we started working on this podcast and our episodes were all recorded by April. Then the world changed.


COVID-19 began taking hold in North America. And the world underwent an awakening about systemic racism and oppression in our countries, communities and homes.


So as we prepared to release this podcast, we struggled with how to frame it in the context of the world right now. And with how to articulate the connection between all of this and millennials and faith.


But then, I had an experience that changed this.


We’re doing our best to walk with integrity. We may not get it perfect. But we’re called to keep walking, stumbling, learning and trying again.


We hope you’ll join us in Keeping Faith.

Trailer: This is Keeping Faith

Trailer: This is Keeping Faith

May 28, 2020

How do you stay optimistic about the future, when you feel jaded by the fate of the world?


You find a little faith.


Meaningful conversations with millennials about faith, hope and what – from God to Google – they put their trust in, in an uncertain world. And they share the everyday spiritual practices they turn to, to keep them grounded through it all.


Each week, we’re taking on the big, spiritual questions you’ve been asking your whole life, but never had anyone to talk about them with – until now.


Join Us. This is Keeping Faith. Find out more at

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